Devon Heaven 2015

Devon Heaven 2015   by Linda Peterson

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Devon Heaven was celebrated at the Cleveland Persian Society Cat Show in Parma, Ohio, on Saturday, October 10th, 2015.  This was actually a two day six by six show, and many of our Devon exhibitors participated in Sunday’s show as well.  The actual Devon Heaven event, raffle, banquet, auction, and scoring was held on Saturday.

We had a wonderful group of friends, old and new, and many beautiful Devons entered in the show.  The judges were given quite a workout.

Elaine Adkins, our Devon Heaven Chair, went above and beyond not only organizing the event, but also knitting adorable kitty hats and beautiful cat beds for the auction, painting artwork for the auction, giving beautiful handmade soaps to the committee folks, making sure the banquet and auction ran smoothly, and always with a smile on her face.

Kristin Nowell and Carolyn Jimenez spent an incredible amount of time and work on the beautiful ring decorations, amazing goody bags, and banquet decorations. Carolyn was always there with her camera capturing this wonderful event for those in attendance and at home to enjoy.

Celestia Wright supplied a delicious snack table for everyone one to enjoy.  She also made a wonderful congratulatory sign of the past season winners.  She brought the cutest celebratory cupcakes, a delicious edible arrangement, snacks, and let’s not forget that amazing popcorn mix. Celestia was a dynamo that weekend, always making sure everyone was taken care of and the food was never ending.  She also helped with the kitten scoring.

Bobbi Irie and Jade Kleider organized the raffle table into a huge fundraising event bringing in $992. Tina Orfanos and her sister, Dee, assisted with selling tons of raffle tickets as well as assisting with manning the table all day.

Elaine put together a very special slide show that honored three of our members lost to us over the past two years, Sandy Kinsey, Kristin Harrison, and Gerri Logan.  It was beautiful and a reminder how quickly things can change, to live each day fully, and to enjoy every moment of our dear ones.  Bob Kinsey surprised us by attending the event and it was wonderful spending time with him.

Our amazing auctioneers, Dolly Chamness and Melanie Bell (or we should say Dolly and Vanna White), did a fabulous job  keeping the auction entertaining and fun, as well as getting people there to dig deep into their wallets.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely.  They raised a lot of money with their act (and rumor has it this act will be taken on the road).  In addition, Deanna Baulkum managed the online auction for the event and although not there in person, she was on the phone during the auction ensuring the online auction process was handled efficiently and smoothly.

Jennifer Stanford took on the task of keeping track of who bought what, and putting down “Me” for many of the items (“me” meaning her of course).

There were so many items donated to the auction and Raffle by people in attendance as well as members not able to attend.  The DRBC is filled with so many generous and giving members.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Total amount brought in by the auction was $1762.12 with an additional $132.88 brought in by items earmarked specifically for our DRBC Rescue.

The DRBC BOD voted to donate seventy-five percent of the DH funds raised, once all DH related expenses were paid, to our DRBC Rescue.  This in addition to the funds raised from items specifically designated for rescue by the donor(s).

Show Entry Donations to the DRBC from the Show Club brought in $355.00.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

Kathy Rutledge was our Devon scorer extraordinaire.  She was running from ring to ring making sure everything was pulled together and did a fantastic job.

The new Gerri Logan Kitten Award plaque debuted as part of our Breed Booth display.

Meghan Evans and Jennifer Stanford celebrated a new “Grand”, GP Megarex Talulah Myst of Purex.  It was wonderful being there to cheer when “New Grand” was announced.

The costume contest was terrific.  Congratulations to Elaine whose little Devon girl, Permarex Stardust of Winding Way, won the competition dressed as an adorable aqua fairy.  Click here for full video of the costume contest: Devon Heaven 2015 Costume Contest

This was another Devon Heaven that will go down in the DRBC history pages. The success of this Devon Heaven was due to the amazing Committee Chair and Committee Members.  Also to all those who attended, those who could not be there in person but were there in spirit, who contributed items for the action, raffle, goody bags, and bid on items in person and online.  It is an honor to be a member of this amazing club.

Devon Heaven 2015 –  Best of the Best

Best Devon in Championship:
GC Karmacatz Cricket of Bellshire
Silver Mackerel Tabby Female
B: Linda-Susan Peterson
O: Melanie Bell-Linda Peterson

Second Best Devon in Championship:
GC Curlydolls Deja Roo
Chocolate Tortie Mink and White
B/O: Dolly Chamness

Third Best Devon in Championship
CH Karmacatz It’s All About Me!
Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female
B/O: Linda-Susan Peterson

Best Champion:
CH Karmacatz It’s All About Me!
Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female
B/O: Linda-Susan Peterson

Second Best Champion:
CH Jobara’s Serenade From The Stars
Silver Patched Tabby and White Female
B/O: Bobbi Irie-Jade Kleider

Best Devon Kitten:
Claricks Murphy of Elvendom
Red Mackerel Tabby and White Male
B: Celestia Wright
B/O: Celestia Wright-Evelyn Dominguez

Second Best Devon Kitten:
Ready Or Not Trixx
Cameo Mackerel Tabby and White Female
B/O: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell

Third Best Devon Kitten:
Steadham Cinnabon of Rainingrexes
Cinnamon Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female
B: Cindy Steadham
O: Mary Ann Gobat

Best Devon in Premiership:
GP Clarick’s Cup-A-Joe
Chocolate Mackerel Tabby and White Neuter
B: Celestia Wright
O: Lauren Gonano

Second Best Devon in Premiership:
GP Derry-Hill Lovie’s Little Kiwi
Chocolate Patched Mackerel Tabby Spay
B: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay
O: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell

Third Best Devon in Premiership
GP Clarick’s Oopsie Daisy
Chocolate Mackerel Tabby and White Spay
B/O: Celestia Wright

Exhibitors Choice

CH Dream Devon Déjà Vu
White Female
B/O: Jamie Cournoyea

Jobara Princess Bride of Curlydolls
Silver Mackerel Tabby Female
B: Bobbi Irie – Jade Kleider
O: Dolly Chamness

PR Megarex Talulah Myst of Purex
Black Smoke Spay
B: Jennifer Stanford
O: Meghan Evans